How to setup autoresponders In cPanel

  cPanel, Email
  1. Click the Autoresponders icon.
    Screenshot of the Autoresponders icon in cpanel
  2. Select the domain you want to create an autoresponder for from the Managing dropdown menu.
    Screenshot from autoresponeder manage domain dropdown
  3. Click the Add Autoresponder button.
    Screenshot of the Add Autoresponder button
  4. Enter the the information for your autoresponder in the appropriate field:
    1. Enter the interval between responses
      NOTE: An interval of 8 hours means the autoresponder cannot send more than
      1 email to an address within an 8 hour period. 
    2. Enter the email address prefix of the email for which you are creating the autoresponder
    3. Enter the Name of the email owner or who the email is from
    4. Enter the subject to be sent
    5. Add the body of your email
    6. Select a start date and time or leave set to immediate
    7. Select the end date and time
    8. When finished, click Create/Modify.