How to Set The Default Email Address in cPanel

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IMPORTANT: If you want to set a custom default email address using your domains email server, you will need to create a new email address (e.g. before following the steps in this article. 

  1. Click the Default Address icon.
    Screenshot of the Default Address icon in cPanel
  2. There are three basic steps needed to set a Default Address in cPanel.
    Screenshot with labels for steps to add Default Email Address in cPanel

    1. Select the domain or subdomain for which you wish to create a new default address from the dropdown menu.
    2. Select the radio button next to the Forward to Email Address option.
    3. Enter the email address you want as your new default address.
      NOTE: Currently your default address is set to our account name (e.g. mydomain), meaning all unrouted emails will be stored in our main email account.
  3. Once the settings are complete click Change to save them.