How to protect your content from hotlinking in cPanel


Hotlink protection prevents other websites from directly linking to certain files (typically images) on your website.
You’ll want to prevent this if you have copyrighted images, or to simply save on bandwidth usage.

  1. Click the Hotlink Protection icon.
    Screenshot of the Hotlink Protection Icon in cPanel
  2. Enter the Hotlink Protection confiurations:
    Screenshot of the configure hotlink protection page in cPnel

    1. Verify that all domains and subdomains that you want to be able to Hotlink to your files or images are in the URLs to allow access field. If any are missing add them.
    2. Enter all the file types you want to protect and check the Allow direct requests box if you want to give the ability to manually enter URLs of a protected file.
      NOTE: You must select the “Allow direct requests” checkbox when you use hotlink protection for files that you want visitors to view in QuickTime (for example, Mac Users).
    3. Enter the URL (if you have one) you want to redirect to, for anyone who tries to hotlink to your files or images.
    4. When all the configurations are set, click Submit.