How to install WordPress Manually on cPanel

  cPanel, MySQL, WordPress
  1. Download the WordPress Package from: Leave this package zipped for upload later.
  2. Create a new MySQL Database & user:
    NOTE: You will need the Database Name, Username, Password, and Database host to setup WordPress.
  3. Select the proper directory and click the Upload option in the Menu Bar.
    NOTE: If installing to a subdomain this will need to be created first.
    Screenshot of file uploader in cPanel File Manager
  4. Once the file is uploaded it will need to be extracted. Select the file in the File Manager and then click the Extract option from the Menu Bar.
    Screenshot of the location of the Extraxt file button in cPanel File Manager
  5. Enter a directory if you wish to have the files extracted to different directory, then click the Extract File(s) button.
    Screenshot of file extractor pop up in cPanel File Manager
    IMPORTANT: The extractor will create a directory called WordPress and extract the the archived files into this folder https://mydomain/wordpress/. If you want your install to be in the Document Root for the Domain, https://mydomain/, you will need to move the files form the WordPress directory to the document root using the move tool in File Manager.
  6. Once the files have been extracted and moved (if needed), follow the instructions for installing WordPress into your database. The best instructions can be found here from

If you have Softaculous in your cPanel install you can follow these steps to install WordPress on your site: